Retro Modern Homes Wheels

The Fieldsleeper features retro modern interior design using the emphasis on supplying comfy and splendid living area. Small areas are developed with a convenient 2 bike storage under the large mattress. The kitchen style is big and extra gear like an oven is a fantastic to possess while touring on the street.

The positioning of the kitchen area, against the right-hand wall, is perfect, as people often park the camper with the right-hand aspect enjoying an unrestricted view. The seating area may be converted right into a single mattress, accommodating a 3rd individual.

This contemporary house on wheels is created by designers Ann Holley and Darren Macca. Their ProtoHaus style showed that modern homes on wheels can be little, bu functional and comfortable. Modern homes on wheels and campers function an uncommon look, but offer cozy and attractive inside style and nice atmosphere.

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