Small Living Room Designs with Solid Wooden Sofa Sets

When you feel bored to stay in the house, and then how about your guest who wants to visit your house?. Maybe your guest will feel bored so that they feel not resident to stay in your house. So that’s why, you should need to change a design concept of yours, basically the living room, because it is the area of main room for welcoming your guest. If your guest feel comfortable in the living room, so she or he definitely will feel comfortable to stay in yours.

Moreover if you have the minimalist house with the small size, so you need to choose the small living room design for the small living room. And then the small living room will impress the beautiful and interesting impression that can make them comfortable to stay there. There some examples the living room design that you can apply, they are:

The living room in classical atmosphere

If you choose the classic living room, so in order to be looked unique, you need to use the furniture classical looking, like as using the sofa with wooden base materials that use flowery or leaf motif, or classically pictures motif. In choosing the shelf or TV desk so you can choose the furniture from the combination of iron and woods. For choosing the wall paints, you can choose the cream or chocolate colors. You also can give the pictures or wall decorating in classical motifs.

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